Dirty Tapes Raps, Vol. 1: (Make Space. Let Go​.​)

by itch13

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If you didn't know I've been rapping since I was 10. If you didn't know, I'm not surprised. The part of me that raps is a recluse. I've become quiet about it. It's been placed on the back burner since DJing started to pay my bills. But I still write a little bit everyday. It's never left me.

I wrote and recorded all of these in the span of a day in April 2014. I was inspired by the wealth of crazy beats a record label called Dirty Tapes offers. Creating these songs was an exercise in letting go. Putting them on the internet is an exercise in letting go. What is the purpose of creating if I do not share? No questioning the flow or lyrics, they just came, then each was recorded in a single take, headphones as microphone. Shit is dirty... who made dirt? I was just listening while washing dishes and the lines just kept coming one after another. After recording one I just kept going. It felt so good. There's something to be said about making space for creativity to flow. There's also a saying "The music is not in the notes, but in the silence in between." Space. I've heard this attributed to numerous composers, including Miles Davis. There is also the space between my spurts of creativity. This came about in a wave that I rode for a while. More waves to come. I'm getting better at this surfing shit. I'm getting tired of this serfing shit.

This is me taking it back. To when I did it because it was fun. To when we used to record our shit straight to cassette. To when we used to jack beats...

I just want to state that this is a jacking for beats sort of thing. I love the beats these folks make, and I support them. What do they say? Do the thing then ask for forgiveness later? I see this as an act of love and respect. Homage. I hope they do, too. They're amazing, and you should definitely check for them.


released June 9, 2016


all rights reserved



itch13 Chicago, Illinois

I'm a clever boy.
I make beats.
I write songs.
I rap.
I make mixtapes.
I host a radio show called Bloom Bap.

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Track Name: itch13 Raps to Ohbliv's "Backwoods Echo".
Friends askin if I'm ever gonna rap again
I might do if it's worth openin my trap again
If I find truth in my heart
And I can get a clap of hands
Tap a Foot
Dap a Fist
Record Label Cash Advance
A nod of heads in affirmation
It's not that
But if there is something worth sayin
No pop raps
But maybe something in that formation
Some hot tracks
From producers to get it crackulating
it's not crack related
but it's calculated
I can't help it if
You're not relating
It's not worth debating
I like twerking ladies
But some of that mess we pop
Is hurtin babies

I just do what I do
You just do what you do, too.

I Used to say
Maybe I'll write some raps again one day
To like maybe ten in one day
Multiply it
Monday to Monday
With no rest on a Sunday
Both work & fun in one thang!
A way to attack the mundane
And embrace it all the same
I'm embracing all the change
It's good
It can go platinum or go wood
If it's good it's good
If it's hood it's hood
That don't invalidate it
And it shouldn't
I feel it cuz it's human
And when the system's boomin
If it keeps the party movin
And maybe if I'm shroomin I might
Examine it and zoom in
A way to really tune in
I'm zonin'
Just doing what I'm doin

I just do what I do
And you just do what you do, too.
Track Name: itch13 Raps to Wodoo Wolcan's "Wolcan Theme".
I'm swimming in the deep end
with no depends on
i'm in thee zone
deep in the abyss
go deep in the end zone
what I become
in the end
depends on
my will to survive or thrive then die
when the time comes
submit the time
when the rhyme comes
go with the tide
this serf's bored and only been seaside once
and tired of being denied funds
it's miller time for
serfs and sleep eyed bums
explode quick
like drones swift
when the drums kick
I decry punks
and defy monks
and deify funk
i'll say one
once you see i'm done
Track Name: itch13 & Aquil Rap to Dil Withers' "Shine".
Joaquin Phoenix gotta million dollars in the bank
What I got? Alotta heart alotta smarts alotta scholars to thank
Alotta dollars to gain
So I follow my dreams
Escape squalor and shame
I’m amidst a milli rappers who be hollering thangs
Mainstream rappers only meet my embrace
Until my tolerance wanes
A lil
Make it rain but drizzle
They were hot
But fizzle on the griddle now
How many are fed up? Count.
So many sit and wanna complain, but get up, bounce!
Hip hop is supposed to be fun
not trying to toast everyone
Especially those who are selling these guns
And genocide
I don’t want any. None
Of what your peddling
gotta felony? Run
chasing other felonies
Living the life but we’re eating crumbs
And plenty lies
can’t believe that these bums
Get televised
When we can’t get any sun
Cloudy skies
It’s a cycle
Bout to rise

I got something that I gotta tell ya
Attention everyone
If you ever felt that you were fed up
And just want a little fun
Then I really think that you should get up
Let's rise up everyone
And I really think it's time we get up
Let's look up to the sun

Sleep if you want to, but I don't think you'll want to
Sleep if you want to, but I don't think you're going to
Track Name: itch13 Raps to Tropes' "Den".
I get high off the beats
Got me feelin funny
Started back in high school with a trunk full of funk
do you really want it?
Born to make this music
These suckers they can't take it from me
Fed up with feelin bummy
tired of not having any money
so I go and get it
set it
the bar high
I will be
A far cry
From ever being
A small fry
I was just a sleeping giant
Now I'm wiping the sleep from my eyelids
No man is an island
But I find peace and quiet
in confinement
Landing space for
Refinement to fly in
The state the I'm in
The empire
Kinda like
King Kong climbin
When I'm rhyming
But I'm riding
So climb in
… and enjoy it.
Track Name: itch13 Raps to Wodoo Wolcan's "Drought".
er'body wanna be an irv gotti
but in high school potna was a nerd prolly
back then battling me? you'd get served, charlie
left only with the words "he got some nerve. golly."
now when i go to the club i'm a preferred member
i skip the line, pull back the ropes, and they like "sir, enter"
my fam's diverse including folks of a third gender
hater's hate, sour taste, like the GERD's in ya
throat, heart burn with a choke but ain't been served dinner
I never seen denim til I seen her in em so
while your girl was ghost I put the funky worm in her
while you were patronizing your favorite sherm vendor
gotta turtle neck to protect her now but you gon learn splinter
I'm Leonardo in this bitch and I put swords in her
she got spring chicken tricks that can turn winter
I think I put a baby up in her placenta she said that
when we met she was sure it's love sure it's love sure... it's love!
Track Name: itch13 Raps to Ohbliv's "Sun Riders".
It's just Justin
Let's get together
ride the sun

I used to be a miser
Then I wised up
The shit in life will fertilize ya

You collect the water
I'll collect the sunlight
You're the roots, I'm the leaves
Together we reach new heights

Maybe I'll drop a seed or two
Maybe they will yield some fruit

Acorns into Oaks
Maybe a cedar, too
I want to plant a seed with you

Maybe I'll drop a seed or few
Maybe they will yield some fruit

An apple tree or maracuya!
I'd love to feed you passion fruit
You should know that I would do ya!
I'm fascinated, you're so beautiful

Bountiful, fruitful, too
I'm down to fool around with you
And bring the truth right out of you
They'll cut you down to hear the sound of you
but ouf you grows such astounding fruit

They don't appreciate ya
It's just not in their nature
They don't appreciate ya
but you're their mother nature

The shit in life will fertilize ya